Our Story

Welcome to Ann's Fabric Shop!

We are a family owned and operated business and have been located in the Hamilton Mountain since 1974. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff focus on customer satisfaction and creating a unique shopping experience.
Our extensive selection, unique designs and focus on quality makes us one of Canada’s best kept secrets. 
We are owned and operated as a small family oriented based business. We have been serving the Hamilton area for over 40+ years! 
This beautiful community of textile lovers that we have built all started with Ann. In 1974, Ann and her husband set up a fabric shop on the mountain to provide a sanctuary for textiles junkies. Fast forward a few year later, Ann and her husband had some new helpers in the store to help with organizing and stocking! 
The sister brother duo, Melissa and Franco know it all! These two are fell in love with endless options of textile and are currently running the shop and are always working to provide the best shopping experience.
We can wait to meet you! Come visit our family at Ann's Fabric Shop at 570 Upper James st, Hamilton ON.